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Passionate About Furniture and People


We love beautiful furniture and we love helping people make their dreams come true.

Well crafted furniture is more than useful. It can set the tone of your home or business.

It's the first thing guests or clients see and will leave them with a lasting impression.

What story would you like your furniture to tell? 

Furniture is not just functional, it affects your senses and mood....

When you enter a room, does the furniture catch your eye?

Does your hand automatically reach out to touch it?

Do you feel happy?  Comfortable?  Relaxed?  Proud?

Furniture Built for Quality, Not Quantity

Most of our builders are members of our local Hardwood Furniture Guild, an organization that oversees the quality of the furniture produced in our area.

This is the guild's mission statement:

 "The Hardwood Furniture Guild comprises primarily, but not exclusively, furniture manufacturers in northeast and central Ohio, an area home to the nation's largest concentration of hardwood furniture builders. Consumers are frustrated with the overwhelming number of low-quality, imported goods on the market today. Furniture crafted by HFG members provides a welcome alternative--heirloom-quality, domestically built furniture that must meet the HFG's exacting standards in order to bear their logo."  

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We are proud to showcase several furniture designers who have created unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces or have special mission statements of their own.

Who Uses Our Services to Buy Furniture


  • Savvy, DIY consumers ready to decorate their home their way
  • Interior Designers with a unique vision and always on the look-out for something new and unexpected
  • Interior Decorators assisting clients in finding furniture that reflects their taste
  • Business Owners who want the furniture in their business to reflect their values and make a good first impression with their customers
  • Corporate Buyers responsible for locating functional yet beautiful furniture for a business
  • Contractors in the building trades who require custom made built-ins for their clients


All of our services are complimentary...  no additional cost to you.

Let Us Work For You

  • We offer some furniture from the furniture builder's catalogs on our website.
  • All of the furniture is custom built when ordered so you can purchase the piece as shown or choose the wood, color, finish and size of the piece to make it your own. 
  • We have thousands of furniture pieces in our catalogs, too numerous to place on one website. Also our builders are always adding new and fresh designs. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us.
  • We will also build custom furniture according to your own design.

Let's start a conversation about your dream and how we can help you make it a reality.

All of our services are complimentary...  no additional cost to you.

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We're here to help you find or create the awesome, unique pieces of furniture you've always dreamed of. Your answer is just one phone call or email away.

True Handcrafted American Made Furniture


Many furniture designers work out of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Most furniture designers out source their designs to be factory built.

In America's Midwest, skilled, creative furniture designers not only design  furniture.

They also build their own furniture from scratch in small, family owned workshops.

Each piece of furniture is handcrafted with attention to details and quality.

We have found these designers and want to showcase their creations to all of America.

We are very excited about the furniture we've found and we know you will be too.

Learn More about our top designers.

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Rosewood Home Decor Custom Furniture Made in America

Exclusively Ours  are one of a kind items we found or had built just for us.

These furniture pieces are on hand and ready to ship.

Shop Designers showcases furniture from our top designers.

They are ready to be built, as seen, or customized.

We also accept Custom Jobs. Send us a picture or drawing and we will send you a quote from one of our designers.

No Charge for Our Services

Rosewood Home Decor furniture design services

You've visited every local furniture store.

Then searched every furniture website you can find.

You have a picture in your mind of what you're looking for. Does it exist?

We have 130+ different catalogs of American made furniture.

Send us a request and at no charge we will search our catalogs to help you find the perfect piece.

If we at least come close, our furniture builders can modify their products to create exactly what you're looking for.

There is no charge for these services.

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