Business/Trade Program

Valuable Business Partners for All Your Furniture Needs

Rosewood Home Decor business and trade program

Finding the perfect furniture for clients or your business can be very time consuming...

  • Searching the internet or catalogs
  • Visiting Design Centers and local furniture showrooms
  • Drawing up plans for custom furniture then locating a qualified builder

Rosewood Home Decor can lighten your work load by performing these tasks for you.

We have access to 80+ American furniture builders and can help you locate the perfect furniture at the best prices.

Think of us as your Personal Furniture Shopper !

No additional costs or fees.

Who qualifies for our Business/Trade Program


  • Interior Designers with a unique vision and always on the look-out for something new and unexpected
  • Interior Decorators assisting clients in finding furniture that reflects their taste
  • Business Owners who want the furniture in their business to reflect their values and make a good first impression with their customers
  • Corporate Buyers responsible for locating functional yet beautiful furniture for a business
  • Contractors in the building trades who require custom made built-ins for their clients

Business/Trade Program Benefits

Rosewood Home Decor business and trade program

  • Free up your time for other responsibilities
  • Direct access to one person handling your projects
  • Receive special pricing and discounts
  • Be first to know about new products
  • We'll handle all communication with the builders
  • We'll handle all the shipping and delivery logistics
  • No charges or fees for our services
  • No commitment if we can not find furniture that you love

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